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Jeepin For Paws is bringing together Jeepers and animal lovers to assist in the needs of our furry friends.

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Our mission is to aid animals in need. To rehome the homeless. To be a voice for the voiceless. Our mission is simple yet profound. We aim to serve as a beacon of hope for these voiceless creatures, advocating for their rights, their well-being, and their dignity. Finding a forever home for these creatures is the ultimate goal of our mission. We believe that every animal deserves a loving, caring family, and we work diligently to make this dream a reality.


In 2020 Jessie purchased her first Jeep. The Jeep community, or 'Jeepers' as they are affectionately known, was an unexpected bonus that came with owning her dream vehicle.

Jeepers are more than just a community; they are a tight-knit family that shares a mutual love for adventure and the great outdoors. But beyond that, they are a group of people who come out in a big way and support those in need in any way they can.


Jessie has always been a huge animal lover and a passionate advocate for rescue animals. She believed that every creature deserved a loving home, and she dedicated her time and resources to help animals in need. Her heart ached for the countless animals in shelters, waiting for their forever homes.

It was then that Jessie had an idea. Why not combine her two loves and create something truly remarkable? And thus, Jeepin For Paws was born. Jeepin For Paws is a foster-based organization that aims to find homes for animals in need. But they do more than just that. They support the community by providing essential services like microchipping and assistance with spay/neuters. They run a pet food pantry that provides pet food for low-income families, ensuring that they are not forced to surrender their beloved pets to overrun animal shelters.


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Jessie Collins


Jessie lives in Virginia with her husband, 2  dogs, 3 cats, a bearded dragon and a flock of chickens.

She enjoys Jeepin whenever possible. The muddier the better.


Jessica Barton

Board Member

Jessica lives in Virginia with her husband, son, daughter, and dog. She is our group's photographer providing us with some amazing pictures. In her free time Jessica enjoys spending time with her large family.




Board Member

Kim lives in Virginia with her husband and rescue pup. She has been a dog groomer for over 15 years. She opened her own business a few years ago, Kim the Groomer, in Strasburg, VA.

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Jackie Matthews


Jackie lives in Virginia with her husband and 3 dogs. She loves Jeeping, spending time with family in the Northern Neck, and assisting animals in need.

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